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Meaning, this number indicates where we often feel most comfortable. This number indicates a gift you have to give to yourself and to the world — I visualize it rather like a beautifully wrapped birthday present that you are constantly giving away. Many Numerologists consider the Birthday number to hold as much — or more — impact as the Life Path number. We can conceptualize it this way: The Birthday number is where we might feel the most point of identification. And then your Birthday number is the 4. Often you might identify more with the aspects of the 4 — the one who is hardworking and structured.

Yet your life has given you experiences that prod you to master the 3 — stepping out of the comfort zone of being the worker-bee and into creativity, communication, and creative self-expression. Perhaps you work in a creative field and capitalize on the grounded nature of the steady and solid number 4.

Birthday Number in Numerology

Sometimes we can combine the aspects of our Life Path and Birthday numbers more fluidly or effectively than others. Or perhaps you have a 5 Life Path and an 8 Birthday. You find that you excel in business and have led a life that challenges your personal power, yet also you have devoted a good portion of it to traveling for business —and perhaps for pleasure—and you have somehow endured a lot of change and twists of fate that demand your resilience and fearlessness.

These are just two short examples of how to engage in looking at your own numbers and how they work for you. And sometimes we will have the same Birthday and Life Path numbers.

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If you have a 7 Life Path and a 7 Birthday, for example, more than likely you can truly feel the elements of the 7 playing our in your life with consistency. If you were born on June 18, you would need to keep adding until you get a one-digit number. In this case, you would have a Birthday number 9.

How you relate to the collision of both the Life Path and Birthday numbers will be different depending on your age—the stage you are in life. Remember : The point is to use the optimal aspects of your Birthday number to enhance and engage more successfully with your Life Path mission. Your purpose is to develop and master innovative creativity, confidence, independence, originality, and achievement.

Then dive in with gusto and trust your creativity, innovation, and uniqueness. Your success resides in taking risks and trusting your weirdness. Get out there and take charge. You have a giving nature and are innately intuitive. You give and you give and you give some more. You thrive in healthy partnership, either in business or in an intimate relationship.

Numerology: Secrets of Your Birthday. 5th, 14th, 23rd – Number 5 Life Path

Your purpose is to develop creative self-expression, emotional sensitivity, joy, and inspired communication. With a 3, you might feel that everyone can do what you do —because you find it to be oh-so easy. Yet let me tell you: Not everyone can drink from the fountain of creativity as readily as you. The trick is to develop the verve to know that you can make a living at it. Also, you can be scattered and lacking follow-through.

Can you move through self-doubt and commit yourself to developing — and making a living with — your amazing creative talents? With a 4, you ultimately seek a sense of stability and security. Your work is extremely important to you and yet often you must go from job to job before you settle on something.

You make a superlative teacher — whether you end up being a teacher or not. You do well when you specialize in one field and develop deep expertise. You flourish when you have time alone and yet must beware of cutting yourself off from the world and becoming too withdrawn.

Guard against self-absorption and stubbornness. Status is something to strive toward — respect from the world at large is important to you. You enjoy being a connector — a person who knows the manager, the celebrity, or the owner.

The freedom that financial abundance can bring you is a driving force in your life. Yet when pushed again and again, you can yourself become the ultimate victim, blaming everyone and everything for your lack of achievement. Know that the 8 Birthday number demands that you develop a tough skin.

Perseverance, resilience, and proper positive attitude is the key to success or failure. You have an ability to connect with people from all walks of life. You often see a grander vision of the world through your idealistic lens, yet also are capable of inciting change and transformation on both local and international levels.

You understand early on that you have charisma and can make anything happen when you focus on it. You can become a fanatic, standing on your soap-box and proselytizing rather than working with others and listening to more productive solutions for specific problems. A bundle of Life Path infographics delivered to your inbox! These outline the qualities of each Life Path number — highlighting strengths, challenges, career, and relationships Your Name. In numerology, your Personal Year Number gives you insights into the theme and energy supporting you during the calendar year.

Each personal year is part of a 1 though 9-year cycle , beginning when you are born and repeating again after every 9th year. I have done the calculation to arrive at the Personal Month number and this is what your monthly forecast provides for you. Example: We will determine a person's Personal Year Number for since the guides are for Birthdate: October 15th in this case their birth year is not relevant since we are resolving for the year Malakoff, Ph.

The Birthday Number. By: Felicia. Posted: March 11, Category: Numerology. You are ready to take full responsibility for instructions and work entrusted to you.

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One of the main tasks in life is to make a name for yourself and achieve high success in something. So with what endurance and composure you are ready to achieve success does not cause the sympathy of others and creates an image of a hypocrite in you. You are a diligent, creative person with a poetic soul and with certain oddities. The owner of an analytical mind, brilliant imagination and a very developed intuition. With the number of births of 7, people are often born inclined in the future to become musicians, composers, artists, philosophers, poets or writers.

The number that symbolizes the limitless possibilities for doing business. You are adventurous and fearless before any kind of activity, especially in a commercial environment. Hurdles and difficulties in the path of life are not obstacles in development, on the contrary, they enhance your ability to work.

You have good management skills and the ability to lead a team. Developed intelligence and infinite potential are characteristic features of people with the number of lives of 9. The addiction to creativity and artistic talent present success in the art world. Do not waste time and refuse activities not related to your abilities, strong success outside of art should not be expected. The only obstacle is the fact that not immediately a person manages to see and discover his talents.