Capricorn horoscope for 19 november 2019

It will be fun, too.

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I love that good fortune Jupiter in Sagittarius, at 20 degrees, will be divinely harmonious to the full moon in Aries, also at 20 degrees, lighting your home sector. This suggests that whatever you do at this point to your home would add to the beauty, quality, and feeling of luxury.

If you give a cocktail party or dinner party, you will go all out and treat your guests to a memorable evening. This is a special full moon—you will love how things unfold. Printed on archival quality paper. Available exclusively on Astrology Zone.

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Colour blue. From being a workaholic in the recent past you feel exhausted so rejuvenate energy by dropping unnatural routines to achieve goals. You have lost some of your strength, sense of humor and spontaneity, which needs to be regained by taking a break from routines.

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Lucky number 9. This is a festive day to celebrate the joy that overflows from within into laughter and gratitude! You are becoming available to opportunities for enjoyment of life and sharing your happiness.

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Creativity and love flow from you in professional and personal aspects. Lucky number 3. You fall into the rhythm of life and nature, alert and aware, waiting for something momentous and exciting to happen! Remain patient for nature to take its course and for things to happen at the right moment.

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You taste bliss and meditation and feel refreshed. Lucky number 7. Colour gray. You have the opportunity to change your focus and perspective in life by being here and now, totally in the moment! You can play in the vast ocean of life and experience only by dropping judgments and attachments. Be available to whatever comes your way today.

Lucky number 2. Your name:.

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